Jayde Tackles Feelings of Unfulfillment on, “all i wanted”

Olive Soki

Songs that highlight the alienating, yet strangely uniting sentiments we all seem to experience from time to time are always prone to catch our attention. It also doesn't hurt when they happen to be fun to listen to. Entering a new and more personal chapter in her music career, Canadian singer/songwriter, Jayde offers an introspective and striking single titled, “all i wanted,” giving us a glimpse into what's to come later in the year.

Conceptually unsure and slightly conflicting, “all i wanted” brings to the surface feelings of insatiability and a pinch of imposter syndrome. Speaking on the track, she shares, “‘all i wanted’ is about getting what you thought would bring you happiness but then still feeling unfulfilled. It’s about the debilitating realization that your dreams were way more exciting before you achieved them and then questioning everything you’ve ever wanted.” A familiar sentiment felt among many twenty somethings, Jayde highlights what can sometimes feel like a singular experience, while unintentionally easing our anxieties one verse at a time. Although the track was brought to life in a period where she felt quite stagnant, the track is anything but static. Accompanied by a soothing and ambient layer of crafty beats, the listener is transported into her mind as she comes to terms with her goals and tries to find exactly what motivates her desires.

Having received praise from industry giants, various music blogs and eager fans, Jayde’s discography — especially “all i wanted” — is bound to resonate with you one way or another.

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