jfarr Steps outside the Box on New Single “I Should Have Listened To Myself”

Kieran Kohorst

Regrets are something we all have to live with, but it’s hard to know what that voice in the back of your head really sounds like when it rehashes guilt. California artist jfarr’s internal monologue embodies the kind of conflict that is often associated with any instance of guilt. This voice comes to life on his newest single “I Should Have Listened To Myself,” a kaleidoscopic expression of pop that conjures aspects of several sub genres that all play well together.

Just hyper enough to balance the song’s punk influences, the track is held together by jfarr’s subtly energetic voice. For fans of jfarr, “I Should Have Listened To Myself” may not sound like what they would expect from an otherwise consistent artist. They’re not alone in their surprise, as even jfarr wasn’t sure about the single. “I remember writing this song, feeling like it was completely out of pocket for me,” he admits. It’s all part of the bigger picture though, he says. It's about finding out who he is as an artist, not who he has been or should be.“ This song was a challenge, to create something so wildly left field for my own artist project and make it sound like jfarr.” Even as an experiment, “I Should Have Listened To Myself” adds to the ongoing character development for one of pop’s young innovators.

Though he’s still rounding out his identity as an artist, music has been a part of jfarr’s personal identity since he was young. He began producing when he was only 12 years old, quickly growing in the industry through high-profile cosigns and mentorship. “I Should Have Listened To Myself” is his second release of the year, following February’s “That’s My Bad.” His newest single is a result of him trusting himself, a necessary trait for any young artist. As he grows into his talent, there’s no telling where his artistic curiosity will lead him next.

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