Jillian Rossi’s “Give Me a Reason” Is a Wake-up Call to Her Listeners

Ian Tsang

Jillian Rossi’s latest single, “Give Me A Reason,” is an open-letter to all the stagnant individuals looking for a sign to move on. The Berklee College of Music graduate delivered a powerful performance of her innermost thoughts:

“I still adore you,

But we've been dying a little,

Don’t keep me stuck in the middle,

Give me a reason to try.

We’re gonna lose,

You know I don’t wanna hurt ya,

But we've been going in circles,

Give me a reason to fight.”

“Give Me A Reason” is a tell-all to her fans – dissecting the common problem seen in relationships today: the stagnant, purgatory-like phase in which one neglects to allow their significant-other to grow. Rossi has a talent for penning relatable lyrics which resonate with her listeners. Her single garnered much initial traction – with over 100K pre-saves, following closely behind her previous single “Fever Dream,” released on April 28th: this feat makes her the first independent pop artist in history to do so on consecutive songs.

Prior to the song’s release, Rossi posted a teaser to her TikTok which received universal praise from not only her pre-existing supporters, but other prominent figures as well; stars such as Shaquille O’Neal, Paris Hilton, former Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, and TikTok’s Nick Austin all posted comments which urged the singer to release. O’Neal – who recently found his own rhythm on the platform – commented, “Drop it now so I can add it to my playlist.” Rossi hopes the therapeutic single will serve to lift the weight from her listeners’ shoulders – either nudging them to “fight” or leave.

Whether the former or the latter, “Give Me A Reason” is a reason to find out. Take an introspective walk through Rossi’s viral hit below:

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