Tuxx’s New Single “Ticket to My Funeral” Is a Vibrant New Addition to His Growing Pop Punk Catalogue

Conner Crosby

For several years now, pop punk music has been regaining traction across all levels of the music industry. Alongside the revival of more traditional song structures and production, there have been artists incorporating elements of modern hip-hop, R&B, and now hyperpop into their new brand of rock. One artist who has been tastefully pioneering this combination on the underground, independent level is Tuxx.

Tuxx, hailing from Arizona and working out of LA, started off with a more dreamy, digitally-modified and hip-hop inspired sound, before shifting towards a more traditional and energetic style. His latest single, “Ticket To My Funeral,” is probably the most dynamic and highest octane entry in his discography to date. Lyrically, it’s also one of his most impressive, with effectively communicated concepts and imagery. He paints a detailed and coherent picture of someone from whom he kept his distance, illustrating his reasoning with clever and colorful descriptions.

With multiple dimensions to his artistic merit, Tuxx is without a doubt an artist to expect big things from in the future. As we all eagerly await his next release, we recommend you go stream “Ticket To My Funeral.”

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