Susannah Joffe Shares Her Compelling Heartbreaker, “Leash on My Neck”

Olive Soki

Good songwriting can go a long way. Singer-songwriters whom we turn to in times of heartache and blind-rage always seem to know the right words to describe our worst days. While we all indulge in these cathartic anthems, there is something especially impressive about artists who take on songwriting from a particularly magnetic angle. Either you can go to a song when in a deceptive headspace and let the track amplify your feelings, or you could be faced with a performance so compelling you can’t help but meet the artist halfway – regardless of your initial headspace. Susannah Joffe (once again) offers an experience identical to the latter with her latest single “Leash on My Neck."

Guarded, alluding to elements of mistrust sprinkled throughout her story, Susannah starts off the track in a grave, and perhaps accusatory, tone. The quick but discreet guitars decorate the backtrack, elevating sentiments of urgency as she breaks down a past lover's destructive habits. Building up to a chorus that vaguely disguises the track as a modern take on a Rumours deep-cut, the dust settles for a few bars, opening a window for a beautiful lead guitar melody. In the following verse, she reminisces on moments where she felt discarded. And to some degree, manipulated, she drops the iconic one-liner, “if you were the victims why was the leash on my neck,” immediately earning herself a dozen replays.

“Leash on My Neck,” stands as the third single since Joffe released “In Your Room” earlier this summer. Once more establishing her perfect streak of enticing and unbearably compelling singles, she’s proven her growing success to be anything but a fluke.

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