Lo Village Returns with Single “On Your Way”

Kieran Kohorst
Photo Credit: Mahnor Soofi

A great piece of advice that is seldom practiced is that if you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all. For over a year, the trio of Lo Village have been doing the proper growing and healing to find the words for what they’re looking to express. They have emerged on the other side of this process with “On Your Way,” their first single since 2022’s “MATERIAL GIRL” collaboration with Darius. On their new single, the Maryland products find a new sense of purpose that is driving their creativity moving forward.

“‘On Your Way’ exists as a reminder that the journey doesn’t begin until you look within and bet on yourself,” the group shares. “You will run in circles until this is understood.” The track includes a subtle nod to the past that juxtaposes their new approach to music: “Odo Nwom was a song we’d hear all the time at our parents' functions growing up so it’s actually surreal being able to sample it.” The sample serves as a stabilizing force that eases the transition between verses, shared by brother and sister duo Ama and Kane Tabiri, supplemented by childhood friend Charles Tyler, who rounds out the outfit. With its very summer heat-type feel, “On Your Way” is the perfect early addition to poolside playlists that will soundtrack the season. Hidden in the atmospheric hypnosis of the song’s sound are sneaky-introspective contributions from all members, with each finding a delicate balance between a playful delivery and inquisitive writing.

The chemistry that exists within the collective is easily explained but hard earned: though all members of Lo Village have either familial or long-standing ties with each other, coming together to form a cooperative sound is a task not to be understated. Dating back to as early as 2016 with their project Last Summer, Lo Village has been making music that is as subversive as it is all-encompassing. They have not shied away from social or political narratives in their recordings without sacrificing playability. Diverse and dynamic, Lo Village reintroduces themselves as not a different group but a more focused collective, with “On Your Way” serving as only a sample of what’s to come. 

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