Khamari Uncovers Intimate Moments in New Music Video For “Right my Wrongs”

Sundhya Alter

Ever since Khamari released his debut album A Brief Nirvana earlier this year, the rising artist has been on every R&B/soul fanatics list as a must listen, enthralling listeners through balancing thematic epochs and melancholic relativity. 

Following his album, the Boston artist released the video for “Right My Wrongs,”  the second video to accompany the project. The track is a momentary emotional revelation experienced in the lingering moments after a relationship ends, evoking the sense of grasping at the physical and metaphoric space left behind.

 The video takes place in the arc of a breakup, construed through the physical absence of his last relationship, Khamari delicately laces his soulful lyrics to vividly portray the artist wandering sun-lit rooms and shadowed moments of fleeting intimacy. As he sings “the way you slipped through my fingers cold ice glaciers, never lasting” we see the artist roaming rooms and turning corners provoking the image of her, lost among disappearing vignettes of her presence. But in tracing themes of righting his wrongs and moving forward he counteracts his deeply sparkling melodies with a persistent dissonance of the retro toned images, a paradox that builds the songs emotive tension keeping him in the past. It is Khamari’s ability to all at once produce reflective imagery within a state of imperfection that make him a compelling creative, in sound and cinematic prospects alike.

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