Koi Returns with a Mellow Yet Confident New Single “110%”

Conner Crosby

Koi has been establishing himself as a go-to, whether it be for charismatic bangers or sadder tracks about romantic pursuits. He’s back now after the release of his album 10&2 earlier this year with his new single “110%.”

“110%” is one of the more personal and poignant tracks we’ve heard from Koi so far, with lyrics grappling with work ethic, past and present relationships, drugs, and the state of his life in general. The song doesn’t necessarily reflect a pessimistic outlook, but it does carry more somber and bittersweet tones than we’re used to hearing while also being paired with a tight, catchy hip-hop flow.

Though he may sound pleasant and relaxed as he delivers his bars, it’s clear Koi really does put in 110%, and “110%” is the perfect track for the slightly more melancholic moments of summer, when one might look to reflect on their lives and relationships without killing the vibes set by the rest of their summer soundtrack.

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