Krooked Kings and Day Wave Share Their Cautionary Track “Carbon Monoxide”

Olive Soki

Following the release of their debut album, The Comedown, Krooked Kings amassed a cult following. Back in October they shared their single “Lying Through Their Teeth,” the first of what seems to be many high spirited tracks with underlying themes that are any but light hearted. Adding to this track record, with Day Wave’s helping hand, they’ve offered up their latest single “Carbon Monoxide.”

On first listen, “Carbon Monoxide” possesses all of the indie rock qualities we know and love so well. Laid-back and latent percussion reminiscent of surf-rock, punchy and memorable bass lines galore, “Carbon Monoxide” is one of those tracks you can vividly picture yourself listening to on any given day. However, once you start to connect the dots, which is fairly easy to do as it deals with fairly contemporary themes, the single reveals itself as the tasteful cautionary tale that it is. Outlining a seemingly dystopian reality where earth's air-quality has depleted to catastrophic levels, they drive in the premise in the ironically airy bridge “Breath in, Breath out it could be the very last time.” Enjoyable and conceptually sound “Carbon Monoxide” is Krooked King’s contribution to environmental thought in the musical sphere — and a good one at that.

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