LAKE! Goes "Ghost" in His Latest Single

Perry Avgerinos

LAKE! isn't your normal 18 year old. Growing up in Los Angeles, LAKE! was exposed to a lifestyle most people never experience in their entire lives – full of extreme highs, but sometimes some equally impactful lows. Last touching base with him with his high energy track "Circus," we are introduced today to a more defenseless side of LAKE!, with his latest release, "Ghost."

"Ghost" is based on the increasingly popular term that refers to being absent, or non responsive. With LAKE! in particular, he told us " I wrote this song about a year ago at my best friend/manager Jack's house, who passed away days before Christmas of last year. Everyone was in the crib playing poker while I was in his bedroom cooking up. This song represents me not always being there. I’m not the type of person who craves attention, I’m the opposite actually. I don’t like people knowing my every move or what I’m doing at all times. Even with girls sometimes I tend to give a lot of my energy and attention and then pull away and go “ghost."

Losing a friend is a hardship I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy, no matter what age. LAKE! summoned his subsequent feelings of wishing he could have been there more for his friend/manager into his most vulnerable and convincing track yet, a track his friend would surely have been proud of. Produced by Niles Forester, "Ghost" gives listeners raw vocal melodies, delicate guitar strums, and light trap drums, as LAKE! blends his talents into a track that is equal parts, introspective and reflective.

LAKE! has shown a convincing range in each polished single he's put out in 2021, checking off every box to be a successful name in this industry. He's someone that must be watched as his songwriting, confidence, and experience continues to build in the coming months and years.

Listen to "Ghost" below:

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