Tiffany Day Unveils New Sound in "SPOILED BITCH"

Perry Avgerinos

We've been documenting the growth of the talented Kansas native, LA-transplant, Tiffany Day for a little while now, as her sound continues to mature and evolve with every release. As the title suggests in her latest single, "SPOILED BITCH," Tiffany is fed up, and harnesses this angst and emotion into an explosive electro-trap anthem, marking a new era for the rising star.

Produced by electronic wiz-kid, Whethan, and Tim Randolph, "SPOILED BITCH" sees Tiffany diving into the introspective realization of being spoiled, for not wanting to wait for things she wants. She explores double meanings within her lyrics as if talking to herself in the chorus when she says "I'm a spoiled bitch / I think you're fucking sick," with the word "sick" possibly meaning "cool or dope," referring to someone that she may like, but also possibly alluding to herself, being "sick in the head" as she calls herself a "psycho" earlier in the song.

The track's aggressive distorted 808's and use of vocoder/amp distortion on Tiffany's vocal complement's the bouncy sound design in the chorus, fusing Day's previous pop roots, with a darker expansion into a new auditory experience. The producers subtly start Tiffany's voice off cleaner, with less distortion and processing, complementing the softer lyrics in the opening verse, with the more self-doubting darker lyrics in the chorus, where the distortion gets heavier. For you hyperpop/electronic music fans, this is a perfect bridge to be introduced to Tiffany Day's discography.

Bump this one with the volume up below:

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