LAKE! Turns up at The “Mondrian” in Latest Release

Perry Avgerinos

They say art portrays life. Or is it life portrays art? After posting up at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles with a makeshift studio setup, inspiration was at an all-time high for 19 year old LAKE! when he checked out of the hotel with a new single. LAKE! picks up right where he left off this year with his silky vibrato and youthful bars in his latest release “Mondrian.”

Living in LA now, and realizing that their water problem is very true, I felt the line when LAKE! said “Give you the benefit of the doubt / out in California but the money not in a drought.” LAKE! continues to stay consistent with his sound, an easy-listening blend of singing and rapping about the bliss of being young in a big city. Navigating the scene in LA can take some time to learn, and LAKE! is here to provide first-hand advice.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of LAKE!, I recombined starting with his single “Circus.” Dive in to his “Mondrian” below:

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