Zachary Knowles' "carpool" Is the Remedy for Yearning

Perry Avgerinos

We've been watching the steady rise of Zachary Knowles for a few years now, and it's been incredible to see where his talents have taken him thus far. Recently surpassing 1 million Spotify Monthly listeners, Knowles continues to defend his crown as the king of writing sad pop songs, with his latest release, "carpool."

Co-produced and written by frequent collaborator and good buddy, Peter Fenn, as well as Dylan Bauld, Knowles reflects on a tale of missing a special someone, in the tone of driving on the highway – carefree, wind-blowing through the car, with no where to be, but in the moment. Missing someone is never easy, and the more you try to not think about them, the more distracting and intensive that feeling can get. Knowles brings his comforting vocal quality, and loving lyrics to ease listeners who relate, when he sings in the chorus,

"Wishing I could be in the car pool lane,

Got you right there sittin' next to me,

We'd be passing everybody,

Goin' a hundred and ten down the highway."

Zachary Knowles is known for writing hooks that sneak their way into your subconscious, and "carpool" with the help of Fenn and Bauld may be their catchiest yet. There's always a certain encouraging undertone to even his saddest songs, which makes his discography that much more addicting. Knowles really doesn't miss, so take my advice and give this one a listen below.

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