Liam Jones Gives It His All on New Project 'Heartbreak Therapy' [EP Review]

Kieran Kohorst

Therapy is a nuanced practice — whether it's psychoanalysis, behavioral, or cognitive, it takes a commitment to the craft to get results. Liam Jones gives a good-faith effort at about every approach on Heartbreak Therapy, a narratively and acoustic reflection of loss and the tiresome process of moving on. You can hear the desperation in Jones’ voice throughout the project as he searches for a light at the end of the tunnel, a muse to carry him through the mundanity of life. His new reality in the wake of heartbreak consists of reminders not to call his ex, driving to the favorite spot they used to share, and succumbing to the optimism of finding a replacement love. Heartbreak Therapy is littered with painful nostalgia and romanticizing a life out of reach, tropes of breakups that Jones individualizes in the tone formulated by the production and lyricism of the project.

Guatemalan-born and LA-raised, Jones’ musicality seems first nature in part because of the role it played in his life. From a young age, he was able to perform with several instruments, a talent that developed into his inclusion in several bands during his teenage years. After picking up a pen to begin his songwriting career, Jones’ passion was only matched by his success. As he continues to book shows and demonstrate his talents, Heartbreak Therapy is a project sure to excite any listener, whether in a crowd of fans or in the solace of one’s headphones.

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