Lil Peej Oozes Confidence in New Single, “Ballin’”

Joe DelloStritto

Lil Peej just released his third single of the year, “Ballin,’” and it’s his best work yet. The rapper’s melodic style is particularly representative of the bulk of today’s popular music, and it’s clear that Peej has the confidence in himself to eventually enter into the limelight. Within the track, Peej repetitively hollers “Imma take over the world,” as well as compares himself to the royalty of Jon Snow, for you Game of Thrones fans. Maintaining effortless flow, Peej spits lines that are sure to get stuck in your head, such as:

"On the climb to the top, I ain’t ever gonna stop,

This a race, you be walking, I be sprinting while you jog."

The production is bouncy and spirited, making the track feel like a victory lap. Thanks to 808iden behind the boards (with the help of Matthew Gomez), "Ballin’" is a head bopper. 808 is only 16, and met Lil Peej off Instagram a few years back, before earning placements with the likes of DaBaby and DC the Don. 808 recalls seeing Lil Peej on Baylen Levine’s YouTube channel, and the famous YouTuber actually features on Peej’s most popular track to date: “True Colors.”

“Ballin’” is infused with swagger and energy, and the combination of 808iden and Lil Peej helps to take the rapper to the next level. Following up his previous melodic track titled “Slob On My Knob” back in March, “Ballin’” is proof that Peej is on a roll. Listen below.

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