Lue. And Oshua Play to Each Other’s Strengths on “november”

Kieran Kohorst

Collaboration in music requires a couple prerequisites for success – communication, timing, trust, and, perhaps most importantly, chemistry. Unlike the others, chemistry is something that is almost inherent among collaborators, meaning you either have it or you don’t. But when you do, both parties can achieve potential otherwise unrecognized.

On “november,” a newly-released single by producer Lue. and vocalist Oshua, both artists prove their connection and respective potentials in their own craft. Nonconforming to genre standards, the track is best categorized as alternative hip-hop/pop with influence from indie band MGMT, pop-rock group Lime Cordiale, and the sound of the hip-hop producer collective, Internet Money. Lue. and Oshua balance their eclectic inspirations into a well-balanced sound that plays to each contributor’s strengths.

Based in Los Angeles, Lue. is a producer whose love of music began early at the age of five, a passion that never subsided with time. After performing live throughout high school, he enrolled at USC School of Cinematic Arts and achieved a film degree, continuing his education at Berklee College of Music. His studies allowed him to explore the creativity now apparent in his music, which draws heavily from indie hip-hop and R&B with a lo-fi charm. “november” is officially his second single, following the Marcellina and Zac Rose-assisted “Floating Away,” also released this year.

Bolstering the track with his vocals and lyricism, Oshua is a Perth-based hip-hop artist that has taken to adapting to new-wave standards. Having just started recording during the pandemic, Oshua has impressed fans with his relatable melancholic lyrics that pair nicely with his chosen instrumentals. Drawing in over 35,000 monthly listeners, the rising Australian has received co-signs from notable industry names, including Young Thug, Monique Winning, and Patrick CC.

While both artists work to make a name for themselves in a competitive field, “november” will certainly unite fans from both camps in support of this compelling sound. With more work to be done in 2022, Lue. and Oshua have positioned themselves well given their collaborative and independent talents.

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