Tuxx Reevaluates the Fine Print in His New Single “American Blueprint”

Olive Soki

Kicking off the year with a new single, Tuxx explores the growing pains of coming of age in his new song “American Blueprint.” While he comes to terms with the unsatisfactory decisions we are expected to make to move forward in life, Tuxx offers the perfect track to illustrate the obstacles and setbacks found at the crossroads of our lives. Emotions that often feel singular to our experience are amplified in the song providing solace to the listeners, inviting them to challenge the “perfect” blueprints forced upon them.

Like many of his earlier tracks, “American Blueprint” acts as a unique melting pot for his contrasting musical influences. From the melodious strumming of the guitar, swiftly ushering you into the first verse, to the medley of distortion and percussion in the chorus, this song blends the best of the pop-punk sound that dominated the early aughts, with a hint of modern hip hop production elements.

Despite the short length of the track, Tuxx manages to deliver a sonically pleasing and cathartic single guaranteed to sneak its way into your next playlist. While you're at it, don’t forget to check out his earlier work, “Takes 2” being my personal favorite.

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