Who is Muchi?

Brooks Finby

Scrolling through TikTok, I stumbled upon a track that grabbed my attention and held it close to the chest: “I’M SCARED.” Over a lush flute sample that you might expect Mavi or Earl Sweatshirt to hop on, Muchi pours his heart out with raw intensity. He tears himself open on the track; he exposes his inner-most fears to his listeners with lines like, “Scared that tomorrow if I drop a suicide letter, they ain’t finna read all that” and “Am I a talented artist or talentless liar? Some days I can’t really tell.” The twenty-year-old rapper based in Huntsville, Alabama struggles under the weight of his lofty aspirations, craving success yet worrying about what that may bring. Nevertheless, Muchi finds agency in his own vulnerability, rapping decisively with his chest out: “The best signed, Muchi / Feel the fear, do it anyway.

Muchi began making music in 2018 and has steadily built a loyal following of 70,000 monthy listeners on Spotify. Tracks like “Luggage” and “a couple minutes” have garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube. His skilled and thoughtful delivery even caught the attention of NBA star Jeremy Sochan, who followed Muchi back in 2021 and expressed his admiration in the DMs. Muchi takes inspiration from the multi-talented Tyler the Creator, following in his footsteps with a clothing brand of his own: Eyeon Piece. Whether it’s his music or his clothing, Muchi relentlessly pursues his creative endeavors with an intense work ethic and complete transparency. He’s on a path to something bigger, whatever shape that something takes…

Listen to “I’M SCARED,” available on all streaming platforms.

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