ROSIE Wrestles Fears On Single “Try Again”

Kieran Kohorst

The margins are slim between a healthy dose of trepidation and debilitating anxieties, and most days are spent stepping back and forth over the thin line that separates them. On her new single “Try Again,” ROSIE has wandered into the treacherous territory of projected fears, disoriented by all of the questions that exist without answers. Inspired by heartbreak, ROSIE has found herself in murky waters: “I’m scared I’ll never feel like I’m enough / That I’m a little too fragile to love.” 

With a comforting guitar behind her, ROSIE is able to vocalize the anxieties that come naturally after a sudden change in life, a vulnerability that is easy to identify but harder to perform. “’Try Again’ talks very literally about what I'm afraid of - death, living, car crashes, losing someone I love, etc,” ROSIE explains. “In this song I am facing the fact that these are some of my greatest fears.” Without cowering, she delivers the chorus’s final line definitively. “But what scares me the most in the end,” she begins, “Is that we’ll never get to try again.” Eager for redemption, there is courage beneath ROSIE’s vulnerabilities. 

This kind of forthright honesty is on-brand for ROSIE, who prioritizes authenticity in every aspect of her artistry. In that sense, “Try Again” is a reflection of who ROSIE has always been as well as where she is heading. The track is the second release from her next body of work, following previous release “Lose Me Too.” 

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