Troy Ogletree’s Dynamic Brand of Pop Is Back in 2021 with His New Single “MOVE”

Conner Crosby

An accomplished songwriter beyond just his solo work, Troy Ogletree has proven time and time again he has pop music down to a science.

Crafting many gems throughout his career, Ogletree ups the ante each time, establishing himself as a consistently fresh fixture of the pop scene. In 2020, Ogletree released several quality singles along with a stellar EP, and if his first single of 2021, “MOVE,” is any indication of what is to come, we’re in for another exciting year. Troy has constantly shown that his voice fits well on big, dance-infused pop tracks. While in many aspects true to this formula, “MOVE” also packs some surprises.

The typical snappy verses from Troy are present and welcome, but where the song might open up into a bright, catchy dance pop chorus, we are treated to a slightly smoother hook channeling a hint of his r&b side. Beginning with the clever line “We got nothing but time to lose,” and concluding with a return to Troy’s dance vibes, there’s a lot in this hook that, well, hooks you.

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