Rita Mae Dazzles in Her Escape to “Candy’s House”

Kieran Kohorst

In times of impending doom, that in which has been all too common as of late, it's natural to look for an escape from your surroundings. Whether it is a hobby or a separate environment, the escape doesn’t have to be physical. This release is not eternal, unfortunately, as Rita Mae will tell you. This idea is central on her newest single, “Candy’s House,” where she revels in the experience of leaving reality behind.

“I wrote ‘Candy’s House’ when I was in a very self-destructive period of my life,” she says about the track. “My days revolved around escapism, I was getting through every moment to get to the next. To me the song is about looking for some cheat code for feeling OK, living on a kind of borrowed happiness I suppose. That’s what Candy’s house was to me. Instead of putting effort into real life, real relationships, real happiness. I wanted to hide there.” On the song, Mae showcases dizzying vocals that add to the illusion of her escape. The song moves and oscillates in tone, steadied by Mae’s consistently vivid songwriting.

A 23-year-old originating from New Zealand, Mae began songwriting at a young age as a creative outlet for her emotions. Her writing echoes this sentiment, deep-felt and subject-oriented. Having learned to produce herself through hard work and collaboration with other talented producers, her sound has only become more distinctive and tailor-made for her own vision. “Candy’s House” follows Mae’s early release of “The Secret’s Out,” the latter being symbolic of her emergence as an indie-pop riser. Listen to her new song below and get familiar with one of New Zealand's upcoming talents.

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