ROZES Release Anthemic EP, “Used to Love You” [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

If you want a pure pop project about heartbreak with astounding vocals, ROZES recent album, “Used to Love You,” is the perfect project. It is full of anthemic bangers and heartwarming tracks  with sublime songwriting as the cherry on top.

The project unifies a year of tracks with her biggest one being the intro song, “Best They Ever Had,” which has 12 million streams across all platforms, and it makes sense why. It kicks off with a catchy guitar melody with punchy drums that loop throughout. The chorus is infectious, as she wants the world to know she is the best they will ever have.

The self-titled “Used to Love You” is a track about acceptance and moving past the “denial” phase in the stages of grief. Another highlight for me is, “Love a Stranger,” with a dirtier guitar melody that transitions into these snappy horns which allows her to get creative with different flows and hit higher registers that she consistently hits to perfection.

This is a project that flows perfectly from track one to seven. Just when you think ROZES can’t keep pushing the bar higher with her stunning vocals, she hits me with a flawless harmony or flow switch that leaves me speechless. This is one of my favorite projects in the young year and will certainly be in rotation for awhile.

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