SHNO XAVIER is ahead of His Time with Single "Gen 3005"

Perry Avgerinos

Bay area rapper and producer, SHNO XAVIER, brings his futuristic West Coast hip-hop bounce in his debut 2021 single "Gen 3005." Making his first appearance on the Sheesh site, the lyrical variance and melodic range SHNO reveals is that of a veteran, simply too impressive to not share.

Starting off on a beat driven by synth-vibrato chords, and a heavy 808, SHNO XAVIER starts to reveal his varied flows and melodies. The track, an ode to Childish Gambino's 2013 hit "3005," borrows similar rhythmic versatility when XAVIER raps, yet his singing in the chorus reminds me of Kendrick Lamar on his good kid, m.A.A.d city album. XAVIER's range is so diverse, it almost seems like there is another artist featured on the track at times. It's this same multiplicity that keeps the listeners engaged and the energy peaking throughout the one minute and 48 second track, that will have you running it back a few times. XAVIER is fully aware of his talents when he raps,

"I can't stay in lanes,
I can get on track and then I swerve,
while you getting mad,
I go and go get what I deserve."

A full flex track from start to finish, it's quite the entrance into the new year. "Gen 3005" shows he's been busy, working hard in the studio, improving, and creating a sound that's familiar, yet uniquely representative of Gen Z culture – setting himself up to stand out within a crowded lane. I personally love shorter songs, and with platforms like TikTok thriving with short-form content, this is the new wave, and SHNO XAVIER nailed it. Listen below.

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