SOLOCELO's Melodies Shine on “GET A JOB” [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

One of my favorite new artists right now is Chicago’s SOLOCELO. His animated flows on every song is undeniable, and his recent project, “GET A JOB” is full of high energy melodic bangers.

The project starts with one of my favorite melodic hip hop tracks in a while with “DINOSAUR.” The hook is crack, and he flows effortlessly over a hypnotic beat that never gets stale. The next track. “GOOD SEX GOOD CREDIT,” has a beautiful ethnic guitar loop with yet again, another hook that I feel could end up on the Billboards. The verses don’t get old and he showcases why he continues to grow rapidly each day.

The project continues with slower love songs such as “JEOPARDY,” and “LOSIN’ SLEEP,” which is reminiscent of nostalgic Juice WRLD songs. “HAPPY EVERY AFTER” has punk inspiration, illustrating his versatility. The project closes with “I’M SOLO” which has recently picked up steam on TikTok with its captivating chorus, “I’m solo, secrets only live outside, I’m dolo.”

I genuinely don’t think there is a beat in the world SOLOCELO couldn’t make a hit out of. I truly think he is one of the next “emo” rap stars, and I won’t be surprised if it is this year.

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