Indie Band Stop Light Observations Releases Steamy New Single "Good Goodbye"

Ben Wego

Stop Light Observations, a dynamic indie band hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, has released their new single “Good Goodbye” a funky indie rock tune with the shamelessness and sass of a Maroon 5 song. With steamy lyrics – “When you look like that and talk like that and walk like that / a fact’s a fact / you were born to break hearts just like me,” the indie band infuses retro pop influences and infectious drums and bass similar to Arctic Monkeys and The Neighbourhood to create an addictive snd unique blend of rock, pop, and indie, infused with electronic beats and soulful vocals. 

“Good Goodbye” is about being emotionally intertwined with someone who is evidently toxic for you but who is too exciting to disconnect from. The song channels the circumstances and consequences of this type of relationship with invigorating suspense – things are said to the person in hopes that they change or leave. Stop Light Observations compellingly captures this feeling of confusion, heartbreak, lust, and mania in “Good Goodbye."

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