SypSki & Koi Team up for New Bop, “High & Low”

Joe DelloStritto

“High & Low” is SypSki’s second release of 2021, his first being “Down & Out” with Landon Cube and lil rxspy. In “High & Low,” SypSki maintains his same high-energy melodies atop charged tracks, with help from a member of our February Lineup: Koi. Against wavy production, SypSki glides into a flow that’s sure to make his listeners tap their foot. In this dance-infused bop, the Chicago native vents about the ups and downs that comes with relationships. Picking up energy with his hook, SypSki sings,

"I been high, I been low

I can't talk, I can’t know

Where we been, where we’ll go

This my chance, to let you go."

Equal parts catchy and groovy, the 21-year-old surging artist crafts an earworm that’ll spend plenty of time repeating in your head. Koi too delivers his classic verse, perfectly choosing melodies with an overwhelmingly confident aura. The two artists complement each other with ease, similar in both sound and mood. With the support of the Vibes Only promotion network, plan on “High & Low” to perform even better than “Down & Out,” which has already amassed 251,000 Spotify streams since early March. In a mixture of indie / alternative-pop, SypSki and Koi bring the energy with “High & Low.”

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