Tapped In: Sandy Benjamin

Joe DelloStritto

Veteran New York producer Sha Money XL (former President of G-Unit Records) released his album Chain on the Bike back in 2020, which included standout track “Too Many” with rising rapper Sandy Benjamin. With the help of video director Cortez, Sha Money XL and Sandy Benjamin released a music video for the euphoric track, featuring Sandy in a blue jumpsuit, walking around a room which seems far bigger than it is.

As Sandy Benjamin raps, he seems to have a million different tasks, portraying the busy lifestyle within the industry. From making calls, to hitting the studio, to dancing for TikTok, to spending time with his girl: its clear why Sandy Benjamin raps,

"Don’t wanna talk,

Don’t wanna text,

You can just come with a check."

A plethora of edits keeps the viewer intently watching the video, such as when he points to the camera and bullets hit the screen, or when he throws a blue bandana on and pictures of Tupac are inserted to compare the two rappers. Sandy Benjamin fluently raps over Sha’s joyous production with ample energy, and the bright coloring of the video matches the song’s aesthetic perfectly. Get a little facetime with Sandy Benjamin, and watch the newly released “Too Many” music video today.

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