Tate McRae Serves Alluring Bad Girl Pop on 'THINK LATER' [Album Review]

Ben Wego

Tate McRae has seen a cosmic resurgence in her career this year with her viral hit “greedy,”  a smash pop hit with an infectious hook and a thumping ear catching beat. In a drought of pop stars that create ambiance and stage presence through dance, McRae has proved her talent through talented choreography and vocals that brings back the essence of pop music in the era of Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, and Christina Aguilera. She has culminated a sound that embodies both the sensual and delicate sides of mainstream pop.

THINK LATER is McRae’s follow up to her 2022 debut LP i used to think i could fly - which featured songs like “she’s all i wanna be” and “don’t come back”, a solid debut but one that did not see as many accolades as her 2023 releases are currently receiving. McRae has also collaborated with mega DJ Tiesto on club hit “10:35” this year, performed on Saturday Night Live, and made it in the top 10 billboard hits for her charting song “greedy.” Amongst all her success, Tate McRae couldn’t have chosen a better time to release her sophomore album. The two singles “greedy’ and “exes” that preceded the album certainly gave fans a preview and built a magnetic feel for the album.  

THINK LATER is a strong comeback with a catchy tracklist of dance pop songs and striking production filled ballads. Opening track “cut my hair” sets the stage for sensual rebellious girl energy that is envisioned across the album. The album’s title track “think later” is a racy story with jaw dropping details - “my friends got scared and they called the cops / But I’m just at the Ritz with the doors locked / Live now, think later, I do it so well”. 

McRae exemplifies her emotional side being deprived of love on “grave” (co-produced by Ryan Tedder) and “messier.” On “we’re not alike” she captures the experience of being betrayed by a close female friend – “Said she was a “girl’s girl,” that’s a lie / Said she had my back, but she had the knife I could never do it once and she did it twice / And you wonder why, and you wonder why we’re not alike / we’re not alike.” The song pairs with a music video of the singer in two different outfits sitting across from each other and having an argument through the songs lyrics, signifying a possible double entendre the song delivers as McRae portrays two different versions of herself. 

run for the hills” is a late night drive R&B pop infused track and guilty conscience” is a sister track to “greedy” with a sassy tone and upbeat instrumentals. These two definitely take the place for stand out tracks on the album (excluding the previously released singles). 

Tate McRae is putting the “bad girl” back in pop music with bold and sultry tunes and choreography that creates an alluring three dimensional effect. THINK LATER is a promising rise in her career that proves her potential as a young pop artist extensively.

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