Third Time’s a Charm for SypSki's “Down & Out”

Joe DelloStritto

SypSki is making unprecedented moves, and we’re loving it. Back in February, the singer and songwriter released a pop slapper “Down & Out” featuring raspy and Landon Cube. Fans instantly fell in love with SypSki’s hook, which was separated by verses from both raspy and Landon. In Syp’s patented high-pitched, silvery vocals, he hollers,

"Like I can’t stand to be without you, like there’s something in my head,

Saying not to leave without you, down and out, once again."

Be careful reading those lyrics, they may get stuck in your head. The original version of this track is packed with high-energy production from Pacific, equal parts groovy and vintage. When this track first dropped, I couldn’t get enough. Luckily, I didn’t have to get my entire SypSki fill in one dosage. Two months later on April 18th, the Chicago singer released a second version of “Down & Out,” this time mixed by electronic producer Dark Heart. A refreshing switch from the original version, this remix recaptured my attention, giving the song a completely different lens. Dark Heart toys with synthetic sounds to create a fast-paced, trappy feel differing from the original single. But wait, there’s more. Like the headline suggests, third time’s a charm.

Today, SypSki released the third and final version of “Down & Out,” and it feels like a grand finale. Produced by the punk band Exit, SypSki rides the recent craze of punk music led by the likes of Machine Gun Kelly and Miley Cyrus. The track, which is cleverly named “Down & Out (And Punked),” is a clean slap across the face. The production rides waves of heavy rock drums and dense electric guitar rifts, sounding like a rollercoaster with more than one big drop. Keep all arms and legs inside the ride, and don’t forget to scream on your way down. One concept, three versions. Not only is SypSki handing respect to his producers for crafting three distinct tracks with the same bottom line, but he is also flaunting the versatility in his voice and lyrics. SypSki, raspy, and Landon Cube provide something for everyone with each new remix, so you’re bound to be a fan of at least one. Me? Well, I’m a fan of all three. Stream “Down & Out (And Punked)” below.

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