Valley Boy Drops off First 2021 Single "Sad Girl"

Conner Crosby

Valley Boy, an exciting new duo out of LA, dropped their first single and music video of 2021 last week. The duo has only a few releases to date, but have already carved out a unique sound, with silky vocals and production that can either match the vocals or take on a heavier, more saturated nature atypical in the Lo-fi/Indie Pop sphere.

In their new single “Sad Girl,” they have combined all of these elements into one. Much of the song features pleasantly subdued vocals and instrumentation, but, almost on a dime, the song turns and opens up into a rich, loud, and dark soundscape. Coinciding with the sonic climaxes are some of the steamier moments of the video, which stars Valley Boy’s James Alan Ghaleb and his fiancée, artist Delacey. Embracing the Lo-fi aesthetic whilst experimenting with colors, drama, humor, and, well, steaminess, the Zach Johnston-directed “Sad Girl” music video is definitely something you should go check out below.

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