Vincent Black’s “In My Head” Reminds Us We All Go through It, But it’s Going to Be Okay

Audrey Brandes

A killer chord progression, some perfectly-placed snare beats, and an insanely catchy chorus, just begin to describe Vincent Black’s newly released single “In My Head.”

It’s the inspiration and overall essence of this song that make it so captivating. In the wake of all that has happened this past year, Black describes the catalyst for this song as being in a state of mental fog and the suffocation that arises due to inner turmoil. Black shared that “In My Head” encompasses “thoughts you have on a late night drive, thoughts that dance around your consciousness at night, vices that you reach for in times of uncertainty” and the ways in which we can lose ourselves in our own mind. Heavy. But for something so heavy, Black creates something so beautiful out of the darkness. Despite the inherent melancholy tone of the song, “In My Head” offers a sense of hope. Unity, even. That we all get lost in our own heads sometimes, and that’s okay. As Black sings, “It all falls down, but it’s alright,” I really believe it.

A truly haunting piece fit for a long solo drive at midnight or for blasting in your headphones during moments of some needed self-empowerment, Black’s “In My Head” is a song we all needed right now.

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