Who is Artemas?

Tyler Borland

The Oxford popstar, Artemas, is artistically evolving from track to track. Each new track builds upon the 90’s inspired pop styles that Artemas reinterprets and blends with other genres.

His previous single “High 4 U” is an electronic pop track that stands out for its catchy melody and Artemas’s vocal performance. Artemas kicks off the year with the bright and optimistic “Sunny.” The track is co-produced with veteran Kevin White and merges pop, electronic, and hip hop elements allowing Artemas to sit in between genre labels. The track not only shows off his songwriting and vocal ability, but also his tendency to push himself outside his creative comfort zone. The chorus of the track is Artemas' most memorable to date.

Sunny since the day that you left.

Now it only rains when I hit you up"

Artemas is leading the new wave of self-produced popstars that cannot be confined by one sound or style. He dreams of heading back to LA to continue pursuing his goals and “Sunny” is one step closer to achieving this reality. Check out “Sunny” below and check back for more new music.

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