Who is monty.pk?

Tyler Borland

monty.pk is a singer, songwriter, and producer that accomplishes more from his Arizona bedroom than many artists do in an expensive studio. Although he only has a few singles out on streaming services, monty.pk’s writing and vocals sound far more polished than many newcomers.  His debut release is a three song EP titled 0. The project is melancholic with monty.pk experimenting with vocal inflections and performing over atmospheric production. 0 laid the groundwork for his most recent single “tmb.”

“tmb” builds upon his previous ideas in a new and refreshing way. The self-produced instrumental is grand and psychedelic. “tmb” sits in between several different genres with monty.pk drawing influence from Punk, Indie Rock, Electronic, and contemporary Hip Hop as well. The hook, “Take me back where it all began, I would change those words as they leave my head,” displays monty.pk’s emotive delivery and vocal range.

monty.pk’s DIY aesthetic, wide range of influences, and vocal performances make him one of the most exciting artists in the continually growing Arizona music scene. Listen to “tmb” below and be on the lookout for new music from the multi-talented artist.

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