Who is George Walter?

Perry Avgerinos

Anyone that's been through heartbreak knows it can take some time before you're ready to get back out there. In his latest single, George Walter questions the resistance he feels to fall in love again, all while we're falling in love with his music.

"Fall In Love Again" is a dreamy indie ballad, telling a familiar tale of falling for someone, riding over the moon with the highs that come with, yet letting fear bring you back to Earth. George Walter's soothing reverbed vocals float in harmony with the whistling melody, over folk-like guitar strums. Sadly, I can't whistle, but if I could, I'd be whistling this tune. Although fear and doubt take the subject line, the song's undertone is focused on the positives of this special someone when Walter sings:

"Her eyes, could melt away

the coldest winter...

Her smile, could talk you in

to anything"

With a handful of singles out on his Spotify page, George Walter still remains underrated. This song alone has converted me to a fan, because it's simply that good. Account for the exceptional songwriting, clean production, and his pleasant vocal tone, you realize George is really on to something. Dive in below, and if you catch yourself daydreaming about someone, don't say we didn't warn you.

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