Who is Chris James?

Chris James always finds a way to tell a specific story for each of his listeners with deep, ambiguous lyricism. In his latest drop, “The Fallout,” Chris James captures the feeling of wanting to go back in time to avoid heartbreak.

Finding a way to be both tranquil and thought provoking, Chris James sings effortlessly over a borderline acoustic track. The stripped mood plays to his favor, as his soulful voice garners close, intense attention. It only takes two lines for Chris to connect with his listeners, as the singer/songwriter sings,

"If I had one try to go back in time I would save myself before I lose my mind,

Didn’t know the things that I know now, my heart can never handle the fallout."

My first thought when listening to this song was, this is one of those songs that will give fans goosebumps when live concerts come back. James’ vocals are equal part beautiful and intimate, offering a shoulder to lean on for all fans that can relate with him. As the tempo speeds in the last half minute, there is an underlying feeling of hope to cap off an otherwise downhearted song. Steadily building an audience with his overwhelmingly human presence and undeniably great music, Chris James doesn’t plan to go anywhere. His Spotify bio reads, “let me be your Sunday morning soundtrack,” and I’m suggesting you do the same. Start with his 2021 single “The Fallout,” and I can bet you’ll be listening to his 2020 album The Art of Overthinking directly after. Independently carving his own path, Chris James is a name to take note of.

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