Who is clearlew?

Timothy Weber

The past year has been witness to a major sonic shift in the underground “rap” scene. Exchanging melodic trap beats for glitchy vocals and out of the box production – Hyperpop has been on the rise and everybody is watching. There’s some artists however, that blur the line between the new and the old, making for a great entry point into the new sub genre. One of the best doing this is low-profile artist clearlew.

Combining an easy to listen to, laid back delivery with jittery bells, standout song “recovery” is the perfect song to get introduced to clearlew. “recovery” finds its production in a genre-defying space that isn’t too over the top, but energetic enough to be thrown under the growing Hyperpop umbrella. Throw this together with melancholic, angsty lyrics and you have yourself something that feels super accessible for the average sad rap listener. Standing at about 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify at the time of this article, clearlew stock is only going to grow and you should get in tune now. Listen to “recovery” below.

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