Will Joseph Cool Releases New EP 'NOVELLA' [EP Review]

Ben Wego

Indie singer, Will Joseph Cook, is back with a new EP titled NOVELLA. The 26 year old Brit gathers inspiration from a plethora of artists from indie bands like Vampire Weekend and Phoenix to artists like Doja Cat and Joji. The lead single of his new project, “PUNCHIN” is an upbeat indie pop track about falling for someone despite their differences – “I need a good girl / I need a challenge / I know I’m not perfect / Always half an hour late / Your daddy don’t like me or my guitar.”

Cook says standout track “BORN TO LOSE” was inspired by being a young adult in society now and how it feels like many of the situations we’re faced with feel like a catch 22 – whether it be chasing your dreams through an algorithm, working a low wage job, or coming to terms with the negativity of haters and cancel culture. “MF BASSLINE” shows Cook’s R&B/lo-fi influence with soulful melodies and “NOBODY’S HOME” is a dance infused song that is reminiscent of Cherub.

Will Joseph Cook’s ability to incorporate his artistic inspirations and personability feels instinctive and emulates his originality. His genre bending music is melodic and catchy and imparts relatable sentiments of experiences many listeners face as young adults navigating our way through an ever changing media obsessed landscape.

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