Newcomer Boon Continues to Impress with “Somebody Else”

Audrey Brandes

Within the first three seconds of the track “Somebody Else,” Boon had my attention. The Nashville-based alternative artist released his first single in 2020, and has already begun to defy boundaries, grabbing aspects of indie folk, emo-pop, and trap, to create a hauntingly transportive sonisphere. His discography, while cohesive, is also unpredictable – experimenting with stripped down ballads that coalesce into hyper-pop, electric-guitar-laden beats, and emo-trap production. And that’s what makes Boon such a hypnotizing artist. His versatility and musical spearheading set him apart from the rest, single handedly creating a musical landscape that has been untraversed by any artist before.

Boon’s latest release, “Somebody Else,” immediately grabs you. The opening guitar melody pulls at something in your chest, almost etherizing the listener with it’s melancholic simplicity. That is – until it takes a complete U-turn. The heart-wrenching production transitions from a tone of defeat to one of utmost confidence. Combining a sense of soft vulnerability with aggression, Boon’s laid-back vocals and stripped-down guitar are joined by hard trap beats and heavy bass, ultimately creating a track that teeters back and forth between a sense of loneliness and prideful resentment.

Boon is a master of portraying human emotion, as evidenced by the welcome volatility of his music. Through his diverse musical exploration, he mirrors the vast landscape of the human experience in a way that is both beautiful and innovative. Unable to stay in one genre, one feeling, or one place for long, Boon’s artistic versatility marks him as an experienced newcomer with a refreshing grasp on the future of music as we know it.

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