Who is Musa?

Something I'll admit we don't do enough of is highlight the individuals behind the boards – so today I'm putting you on to a highly underrated, yet insanely talented producer out of Brooklyn, NY – Musa. Production is his love language, with intricate sound design and use of reverb and space as his adjectives and verbs. A true wizard in Ableton, Musa drops one of his most impressive releases to date, putting his skills (and vocals) on full display, with his single "Breathe."

Although most known as a producer – having worked with many rising artists in the NY area including Blest Jones, daydream Masi, Maria Ellis, and Kiddo Dust to name a few – Musa has been carefully crafting his synth-heavy electronic project with the debut of a string of original works this past year. Musa constructs songs that take you on a journey, a full auditory experience, with sounds evolving over time, constantly in flux, keeping listeners engaged and wanting more. "Breathe" fully erupts in the drop, exuding bass and construction/computer-esque sound design, all cohesively layered and agreeing on the mission: go hard (af) at the drop. You'll instantly picture the die hards that ride the front rail at festivals aggressively head banging when you take a listen.

What makes Musa so special is his ability to produce soft Rnb/Hip-Hop, hyper pop, and also this intensely complex sound of EDM, making him a force in any genre. Check out "Breathe" and keep an eye out for his name to continue popping up with other rising artists.


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